Tonight, we spoke with Nick McWethy, who runs the paranormal program at the Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown, Ohio.



Erick and Vicki let the inner demons pour out over the airwaves, revealing some of the most twisted stories they could lay their hands on.


Tonight, we speak with a repeat guest, Dan Baldwin author of a follow up to “Ghosts of the Southwest”, “Conversations with Spirits of the Southwest.”


Vicki and Erick discuss some of the craziest paranormal articles they could find.


Our guest tonight was a rescheduled interview from December. Harold Schechter, Professor of American Literature and true crime author of “Hells Princess – The Mystery of Belle Gunness” and the “Bloodlands” series.


Tomorrow night on Dark Sun Rising, our guest was Franco Soulbody, are we will be discussing astrology, runes, and tarot.


I waited for this show for a long time. Our guest is Gil Valle, a.k.a. the “Cannibal Cop” and author of ‘Raw Deal’, ‘A Gathering of Evil’, and ‘The Social Catalogue of #Prey‘. This show is not to be missed!





DSR is back in 2019. To start off our new year, our guest was John Cox, owner, and proprietor of “Wild About Houdini”, the official website about the amazing Harry Houdini.


Tonight on DSR, we talk with Sommer Jonez, director of ‘Yes, No, Goodbye – The Ouija Documentary’.




This is a topic that we have wanted to discuss for years. Finally, we found a guest

that would fulfill that wish. Our guest is Michael F. Bell, a ‘targeted individual’

and author of “The Invisible Crime: Illegal Microchip Implants and Microwave Technology

and Their Use Against Humanity.” One of my favorite interviews.