Yes, Erick visited Las Vegas over the weekend and he took a drive out to the front gate of Area 51. Rachel, Nevada was great. stopped into the Little Ale-Inn and had an Alien Burger, beer, and some souvenirs. sat outside and enjoyed a nice cigar, drinks, and chatting with some of the local residents. Met Pam, who was the bartender/server that has been there for 31 years.  Also, popped into the Alien Research Center gift shop. Didn’t see any alien aircraft (we did visit during the daytime), no camo-dudes in the white trucks following us around, but I know the surveillance cameras knew we were coming. check out the Dark Sun Rising Facebook page for more photos.



Tomorrow night on Dark Sun Rising, we are discussing funeral practices around the world with Tomas Prower, mortician, and author of the new book “Morbid Magic.”


Tomorrow night on DSR, we have a repeat guest, Brian Tuohy, author of several books on fixing, corruption, and conspiracy in organized sports.


Tonight, on Dark Sun Rising, we have Chris Garcia, psychic medium and shamanic healer.




Tonight, we welcome Dana Wingerd! She is a long-time investigator, convention guru and host of Phenomenology para-con, reiki master, business owner, and all-around interesting person. She’s got stories for days… We may need two hours!


We had one guest booked twice who blew us off both times. A no-call, no show. Did not even return emails or a phone call. Oh well, we still provided great shows.


Erick was in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 3 weeks. Yes, he visited Sedona, and it was awesome. Not so great, was the oppressive heat. it was between 100 – 115 degrees every afternoon. He got some amazing pictures from the desert landscapes. Back tonight was a paranormal table for 2.