We touched upon this topic for the first time – the shroud of Turin. Our guest was JR Watts, cryptographer and author of “Shroud Codes in the Bible.” On the agenda is the shroud of Turin, the Holy Bible, 9/11, the Cow Parade, and how they are all interlinked. https://www.shroudcodes.com/



Tonight, we speak to Ali Cotton, a professional photographer with Bleu Cotton Photography. Outside of her regular line of work, she has travelled the paracon circuit and took portraits of many paranormal celebrities. Of course, we are going to discuss paranormal photography. www.bleucotton.com




Vicki and Erick discuss paranormal topics for your entertainment.


A Halloween gift for our listeners! Erick and Vicki let the liquid variety spirits flow freely and so does the cussing. But, we have quite a lot of fun discussing whatever paranormal topics come shining out of the dark sun.


Erick and VIcki discuss whatever topics in the paranormal realm that cross their minds.


Our guest is Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe. a medical doctor and Sufi Master. We discussed the spiritual side of the healing process. www.drjaffemd.com


Our guest is John Brightman, author, lecturer, paranormal investigator, and owner of BriteStar Promotions. BriteStar is a talent agency that represents celebrities from horror, sci-fi, and paranormal TV and movies. http://britestarpromotions.com/



Tonight our guest is Heather Greene, journalist and author of “Bell, Book, and Camera: A Critical History of Witches in American Film and Television.”


Tonight on Dark Sun Rising, our guest is Robin Strohm-Mackey, paranormal investigator and author of “Anatomy of a Ghost – A Guide to Analyzing the Dead.” https://www.deparanormalresearchgroup./





Our guest this week is Matthew Swayne, author of “More Haunted Rock & Roll.” https://www.mattswayne.com/