Tonight, we talk with Kelly Brosky of Phasma Paranormal, a husband and wife ghost hunting group based out of South Carolina. They are members of the Order of Exorcists which brings a Christian focus to deal with evil and malevolent entities that may be haunting your home/location.


Expanding our show range further into Ufology, we talk with John Ventre, UFO researcher, and author of multiple books. We discuss that aliens may be demonic in nature, and how UFO disclosure is covered up in mainstream media and government. Jonh’s website:



A mind-blowing show, to say the least. We talk with Mark Amaru Pinkham of the International Order of Gnostic Templars and author of the book, “Sedona: City of the Star People”. We discuss many of the sacred energy sites and otherworldly origins of Sedona, Arizona.




Tonight we talk with Charles Kennedy, Ph.D., from the Project Psi Institute. This scientific laboratory does research that includes studies on over 400 markers that affect a medium or psychic during a paranormal event. In addition, we discuss remote viewing and psychic energy healing.


Gearing up for Halloween, we speak to Sonia Brosz, Christian spiritual warrior and exorcist/deliverance minister. We discuss living with ghosts, evil entities, demonic oppression, possession, cursed objects, spiritual protection, amongst others. Sonia’s website:



Another great interview! We speak with Ron Piccirillo, graphic artist and author of

“Solving Mona Lisa – The Discovery of My Life”. Hidden images and messages within

DaVinci’s famed painting uncovered for the first time. This one piece of art is only the beginning.


Tonight, we have Susan Collins on our show. For the first time, we discussed dowsing. Not just for finding water beneath the ground or communicating with spirits. Learn how it is used for water, minerals, metals, health, psychic development, and more!


Our guest tonight is Michelle Desrochers, paranormal investigator, and psychic medium. Michelle has been featured on many paranormal TV shows, as well as directing her own TV project “Canada’s Most Haunted”. Her paranormal investigation team is based out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. We discuss her decades of work with both spirits of light and the dark.



Labor Day show!! Our guest is Caroline Cory, host and producer of the documentary “ET Contact: They are Here” which reveals the experiences of individuals from around the world who had extraterrestrial encounters. We discuss telepathic communication with an alien intelligence, teleportation, space travel, alien abduction, alien-human DNA hybrids, and “Star Language”. Caroline’s website:



Wow, odds are not our favor. We confirmed this guest on the Thursday evening prior to the show

which is live on Monday nights.  Monday night, about a hour before the show, the guests’ admin

assistance cancels their interview. Somehow on Friday, a scheduling conflict was discovered.

The email to us was “lost” somewhere in cyberspace and we never got it.

the show must go on, and the verbal stream flowed….