Of course, there was no show Memorial Day. Now we are back with another great guest(s)! Rob and Trish MacGregor. This show was a treat to the listeners’ ears and grey matter!

The MacGregors have been professional writers for more than 30 years. They have mined numerous synchronicities and have fruitfully used the knowledge derived from them. A synchronistic meeting on a flight in the 1980s, for example, resulted in their leading adventure tours to South America for Avianca Airlines. One synchronicity after another led to their many non-fiction books on dreams, psychic development, astrology, yoga, the tarot, divination, and animal symbolism. In 2003, they took over the writing of the popular Sydney Omarr astrology series.

They are also novelists. Rob wrote Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and six other original Indiana Jones novels, which have sold millions of copies. He won the coveted Edgar Award for Prophecy Rock, a YA mystery, and its sequel, Hawk Moon, was an Edgar finalist.

Trish, writing as T.J. MacGregor, won the Edgar in 2003 for best original paperback, for Out of Sight. Her 37 novels have been translated into 16 languages. The most recent, Apparition – written as Trish J MacGregor – was the last in a trilogy that began with Esperanza, then Ghost Key, all three published by TOR Books.

http://www.robmacgregor.buzz/ http://www.synchrosecrets.com/




Our guest was supposed to be a nationally known psychic medium. However, she cancelled and did not answer back the reschedule. AHEM. Not to be knocked down and out, we discuss frivolous lawsuits instead! An entertaining show.


Our guest is a neighbor from the north, Canada! Mark Leslie is a writer, editor and bookseller who was born and grew up in the Greater Sudbury Region, spent many years in Ottawa and currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario. We discuss his book “Tomes of Terror – Haunted Bookstores and Libraries” as well as his other books regarding haunted places around Ottawa.



An interesting, thought provoking, and controversial guest, Frank Joseph. Frank Joseph has been the editor-in-chief of “Ancient American” magazine since its debut in 1993. He is the author of twenty books about prehistory re-published in as many foreign languages, including “The Atlantis Encyclopedia”, “Opening the Ark of the Covenant”, and “Unearthing Ancient America”. Joseph is a frequent guest speaker at various metaphysical and archaeological societies in the U.S. and abroad.

Tonight, we discussed his most recent book “Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age”.



Tonight, our guest is ghost hunter, psychic medium, and author Debi Chestnut.  We discussed many of her books which include “Stalking Shadows”, “How to Clear Your House of Ghosts and Spirits”, and “Is your house haunted?”.




A local guest right in my own backyard of Philadelphia! As a faculty member of the Department of History at Temple University, Jacobs specialized in history of 20th-century American popular culture. He stated that his current research interests “involve a delineation of the role of anomalous experiences in personal and cultural life.” For over 25 years Jacobs taught a course on “UFOs in American Society.”

We discussed his latest book ” Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity” 



One of my all time favorite authors! Marrs is the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, the basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK, and Rule by Secrecy. His in-depth overview of the UFO phenomenon, Alien Agenda, is the best-selling non-fiction book on UFOs in the world, having been translated into several foreign languages. This time, we discuss the subject of alien life and what is the likelihood of getting an answer from outer space much like the scenario outlined by L. Ron Hubbard in his international bestseller, Battlefield Earth, where the Voyager was picked up by an alien probe which resulted in Man becoming an endangered species.



This is a show rescheduled from Feb 6, 2017. Peter Woodbury, MSW received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and his master’s degree in social work from Boston University. He trained in hypnotherapy and past-life regression techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Allen Chips, and Dan Brown, PhD.

Peter is in private practice as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Virginia Beach, Virginia with a focus on the use of spirituality and faith as tools for personal transformation and liberation.

A student of the Cayce readings for over 20 years, he is a popular presenter on key topics from the Cayce readings both at A.R.E. Headquarters and in the field. Fluent in three languages, he is also known for his outstanding leadership of A.R.E. tours to South America, India, and Egypt. He also finds time to play Edgar Cayce in the popular one-man show titled “An Evening with Edgar Cayce.”



Barry returns to DSR! this time, we discuss his new book “Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries”.

Using a modified Spirit Board, Barry makes contact with many famous dead people throughout

history to discuss the controversial circumstances around their deaths. In addition, his alien

spirit guide, Mu, reveals information around many modern conspiracies such as Sandy Hook, 9/11, and weather manipulation. http://www.spiritspredict.com/


Tonight, we take up space. Literally. Our guest is Donald Zygutis, author of The Sagan Conspiracy – NASA’s Untold Plot to Suppress the People’s Scientist’s Theory of Ancient Aliens.