I took most of December off to take a break and enjoy the holidays.
Got some great guests booked, and a new co-host. Yes, that is right, a new co-host.
Vicki Vallencourt, will be joining DSR, and I know you will like the addition!!!


This was probably one of the most interesting guests that I had on the show.
Richard Brown makes the claim that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.





The first time I was able to find a knowledgeable guest for this topic = remote viewing. We spoke with John Vivanco, professional remote viewers that worked as part of a think tank that contracted with the US government. He is also the author of a fascinated book “The Time Before the Secret Worlds”. http://righthemispheric.com/




This week, we talk with Benjamin S. Jeffries, author of 3 great books – “Lost in the Darkness – Life Inside the World’s Most Haunted Prisons, Hospitals, and Asylums”, “Grim Shadows Falling – Haunting Tales from Terrifying Places”, and “Vile – Peeking Under the Skin of Murderers”. We skim the surface of each title and a great interview was the result.

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A great show tonight! Right from the new Ghostbusters movie, Andrew Shaffer, the “co-author” of the book “Ghosts from Our Past”. The book was “written” by two characters from the movie, Erin Gilbert & Abby Yates. We discussed how to balance a movie tie in with actual nonfiction paranormal research.

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We returned after a week hiatus spent in the Pocono mountain with the family.

We returned with a bang! My guest was Ben Mezrich, discussing his new book

“The 37th Parallel” which examines UFO-related phenomena that revolves around

this geographical line coast to coast.

Ben’s website: http://www.benmezrich.com/ 



A delightful show! My guest was June Lundgren,  a psychic medium, animal communicator, healer, nurse and international author with over forty years of experience in the paranormal field. We discussed her book “The Dark Side of the Paranormal.” June’s website: http://mysticconnections.org/





Tonight, we had the unique chance to speak with Barry Strohm about his channeling utilizing a specialized spirit board. He has contacted and communicated with alien beings and spirits, including a few famous names.

Barry’s website: http://www.spiritspredict.com/index.html

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This was the first time we tackled the topic of the worldwide “hum” phenomena. Dr. Glen MacPherson is the head of the The World Hum Map and Database Project. http://www.thehum.info/ and https://hummap.wordpress.com/




My guest is Chuck Bergman, retired police officer and a psychic medium. He was a police officer in Salem, Massachusetts (yes, that Salem) which is near where I grew up. We discussed the balance of police work and mediumship, his “new” life performing readings, as well as his books Psychic Cop and the Everything Guide to Evidence of an Afterlife.  Chuck’s website: https://chuckbergman.com/

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