Our guest this week is Gare Allen, author of “Ghost Crimes” and “The Dead: A True Paranormal Story.” https://gareallen.com/


Our guest this week is John Eagan, artist and author of “Between Love and Hate – The Devil is Real – He’s Plotting to Get Your Soul – And Will Succeed With Many.” https://john-eagan.com/


Last week, Erick was on vacation. This week, we are back with a vengeance. Our guest is Rob Shelsky, author of “For the Moon is Hollow and Aliens Rule the Sky.” https://robshelsky.blogspot.com/


Tomorrow night on Dark Sun Rising, a repeat guest (this is his third visit)!

Barry Strohm, spirit board communicator and author of a new book “Spirits Speak

of the Universe”. We will discuss open dialogue with alien entities, black holes,

dark energy, and spirituality on other planets.  http://www.spiritspredict.com/index.html


Back from a weekend at the beach and losing power last night… Tonight our guest is Stephanie Hoover, freelance journalist, a researcher who has appeared on Travel Channel’s Dead Files, and author of “Philadelphia Spiritualism and the Curious Case of Katie King”.


Tonight on Dark Sun Rising, our guest will be Dr. Charles Emmons, professor of Sociology @ Gettysburg College in PA. We will explore two of his books “Science and Spirit – Exploring the Limits of Consciousness” and “Chinese Ghosts and ESP – A Study of Paranormal Beliefs and Experiences [Revisited]”.


Erick presents a case study of an investigation he led. Many EVP samples were captured. We play them for the listening audience and allow you to decide what you hear. You will be surprised that many of them are direct answers to investigator’s questions and validated through historical research.


Tonight, we will breach a topic never discussed before on the show. Our guest is Sharry Edwards, a pioneer in “human BioAcoustic biology”, using the voice to detect hidden stresses in the body that are expressed as diseases. https://www.soundhealthoptions.com/


Tonight on DSR, our guests are Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson, ordained spiritualist ministers and

authors of “The Empathic Ghost Hunter”. http://www.comerfordwilson.com.