Another great interview! We speak with Ron Piccirillo, graphic artist and author of

“Solving Mona Lisa – The Discovery of My Life”. Hidden images and messages within

DaVinci’s famed painting uncovered for the first time. This one piece of art is only the beginning.


Tonight, we have Susan Collins on our show. For the first time, we discussed dowsing. Not just for finding water beneath the ground or communicating with spirits. Learn how it is used for water, minerals, metals, health, psychic development, and more!


Our guest tonight is Michelle Desrochers, paranormal investigator, and psychic medium. Michelle has been featured on many paranormal TV shows, as well as directing her own TV project “Canada’s Most Haunted”. Her paranormal investigation team is based out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. We discuss her decades of work with both spirits of light and the dark.



Labor Day show!! Our guest is Caroline Cory, host and producer of the documentary “ET Contact: They are Here” which reveals the experiences of individuals from around the world who had extraterrestrial encounters. We discuss telepathic communication with an alien intelligence, teleportation, space travel, alien abduction, alien-human DNA hybrids, and “Star Language”. Caroline’s website:



Wow, odds are not our favor. We confirmed this guest on the Thursday evening prior to the show

which is live on Monday nights.  Monday night, about a hour before the show, the guests’ admin

assistance cancels their interview. Somehow on Friday, a scheduling conflict was discovered.

The email to us was “lost” somewhere in cyberspace and we never got it.

the show must go on, and the verbal stream flowed….


I haven’t done one of these for a while. My scheduled guest flaked out of me at the

last minute, even asking for payment to appear. then 10 minutes before the show, said he

was too tired, thought radio show questions were beneath him, and then said he would give

half-ass answers to the ones he would grace us with a response. So, I told him to pound sand,

which triggered a less than professional response.

Either way, I still poured my thoughts about current paranormal topics through the

microphone to your ears. enjoy.



Last week, I got called out of state for business, so we rescheduled that guest. This week, we talk with Scott S. Smith, author of “God Reconsidered”. The book contains logical arguments to criticize both skeptics and believers in traditional religions and really challenges what you think you know about our relationship with the divine.



No show on the 24th due to vacation, so we are back refreshed for another great show. Tonight, we have a rescheduled show from July. Our guest is Laura Powers, celebrity psychic medium, author, founder and president of Healing Powers which is dedicated to promoting healing and metaphysical topics. Some of her books include: “Diary of a Ghost Whisperer”, “Diary of a Psychic”, “Supernatural Survival Guide”, and “Angels and Manifesting: A Guide to Changing Your Life in Magical Ways”.


I have been waiting for this interview for years, and, finally, we made it happen. Not only did we speak to Chris about his use of the “Spirit Telephone” to augment his mediumship abilities, but Mama Moo, too! They were nice enough to call in while on the road touring the paracon circuit.




Tonight, we spoke with Howard Storm, a former art professor and chairman of the art department at Northern Kentucky University. He is the author of “My Descent Into Death” which discusses his NDE (Near Death Experience) and his life altering transformation to a United Church of Christ minister.  Howard’s website: