Tonight on DSR, our guests are Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson, ordained spiritualist ministers and

authors of “The Empathic Ghost Hunter”.


We are back from holiday break. Tonight on DSR, our guest is Rhonda Hull, psychic medium, paranormal investigator, and co-author of the book “Speaking to the Spirits of the Old Southwest”.


Tonight on DSR, our guest is Debra Diamond, psychic medium and author of “Life After Near Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People with New Found Powers”. Don’t miss it.


Tonight on Dark Sun Rising, we have former FBI agent, attorney, and author John DeSouza, a.k.a “The X man”. We will discuss his research that challenges our assumptions about ufology!


People wonder, what are these ‘table for 2’ shows, anyway? Either they are a hot topic in the paranormal field or one of many articles that find their way into my news feed that we feel compelled to share with our listeners. So, grab a fork and napkins…


Perhaps a practical joke, but no. Our scheduled guest completely forgot about us. So, we had a paranormal buffet, no just a table for 2….


Yep, confirmed the guest days before, and still, a no call, no show. Well, the show must go on, so Vicki and I set a quick Paranormal Table for 2 again this week.


No guest tonight, but have no fear….we’ve got a great show lined up for you!