One of my all time favorite authors! Marrs is the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, the basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK, and Rule by Secrecy. His in-depth overview of the UFO phenomenon, Alien Agenda, is the best-selling non-fiction book on UFOs in the world, having been translated into several foreign languages. This time, we discuss the subject of alien life and what is the likelihood of getting an answer from outer space much like the scenario outlined by L. Ron Hubbard in his international bestseller, Battlefield Earth, where the Voyager was picked up by an alien probe which resulted in Man becoming an endangered species.


This is a show rescheduled from Feb 6, 2017. Peter Woodbury, MSW received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and his master’s degree in social work from Boston University. He trained in hypnotherapy and past-life regression techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Allen Chips, and Dan Brown, PhD.

Peter is in private practice as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Virginia Beach, Virginia with a focus on the use of spirituality and faith as tools for personal transformation and liberation.

A student of the Cayce readings for over 20 years, he is a popular presenter on key topics from the Cayce readings both at A.R.E. Headquarters and in the field. Fluent in three languages, he is also known for his outstanding leadership of A.R.E. tours to South America, India, and Egypt. He also finds time to play Edgar Cayce in the popular one-man show titled “An Evening with Edgar Cayce.”


Barry returns to DSR! this time, we discuss his new book “Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries”.

Using a modified Spirit Board, Barry makes contact with many famous dead people throughout

history to discuss the controversial circumstances around their deaths. In addition, his alien

spirit guide, Mu, reveals information around many modern conspiracies such as Sandy Hook, 9/11, and weather manipulation.


Tonight, we take up space. Literally. Our guest is Donald Zygutis, author of The Sagan Conspiracy – NASA’s Untold Plot to Suppress the People’s Scientist’s Theory of Ancient Aliens.


Bad-Ass Bitches in the house.  I am not joking. Our guest, Beth Moore, is a founding member of Bad-Ass Bitches Paranormal (BAB). She is a sensitive, paranormal investigator, and also works for Ghost Hunts USA at Randolph County Infirmary in Winchester,IN.


Tonight we speak to Dr. Al Botkin, a psychotherapists that specializes in grief. He discovered and developed a technique called “induced after-death communication” or IADC, that allows the client to make connections with loved ones that have passed in order to help with the therapeutic process.


For the first time on DSR, we discuss the JFK assassination with Joan Mellon, a professor of English and creative writing at Temple University in Philadelphia. She is the author of twenty-two books, ranging from film criticism to fiction, sports, true crime, Latin American studies and biography.  We focus on one of her books that exposes new facts on the JFK assassination – A Farewell to Justice.



Our guest tonight is Dr. Kelly Schutz, author, sensitive, and paranormal investigator. We discuss her Paranormal Encounters book series, which contain illustrated true haunted stories and paranormal research.




Oh boy, back on the air. New computer, updated software and phone lines. Still some adjustments need to be made, but at least we have a show. We welcome, Professor David M. Jacobs, a retired professor of history and author of five books on UFOs and alleged alien abductions. What makes this unique is that he utilizes hypnotic regression with alleged alien abductees along with traditional interview techniques to uncover the truth behind the question – why are they here? Alien-human hybrids are engaged in a covert worldwide program of infiltration into human society with possibly the final goal of taking over Earth.


Just as we were getting ready to broadcast, all technological hell breaks loose. the phone lines freeze, so I cannot hear Vicki, or connect with our guest who was calling in. then one of the computers decides to freeze as well. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get either to behave. So, we had to scrap the show altogether. Argh!