Tonight our guest is L Sydney Fisher, author of several books inspired by true paranormal events. We will touch upon her books The Haunted Prophecy of Natalie Bradford, See No Evil, and The Devil’s Board.



Our guest is Dick Khan, British researcher and author of “DMT & My Occult Mind”. A whole new world

of exploration with this chemical substance as the map and compass.


I am doing my paranormal radio happy dance. Our guest is Dr Margee Kerr, author of “Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear”. We will discuss the physical process of fear, and why people like to seek out ways to be afraid and visit haunted houses, ghost hunt, ride roller coasters, and skydive.




guest will be Bruce Gernon, pilot and author of “Beyond the Bermuda Triangle” and “The Fog”, books that discusses his theory of what may be going on in one of the most mysterious places on earth.



Wow. Tired from watching the Super Bowl. Congrats Eagles!

Our guest tonight is Dan Baldwin, the author of westerns, mysteries, thrillers, short story collections and books on the paranormal. He is the winner of numerous local, regional, and national awards for writing and directing film and video projects.

We will be discussing the latest book “Speaking with Spirits of the Old Southwest (With Dwight and Rhonda Hull)”




For this show, we review the past year on DSR, discuss our favorite guests and topics, and chat about fun stuff! Hard to believe a year has gone by since Vicki joined the show. Many more years to come.


Tonight as we welcome fellow investigator and friend, Eric Morris. He is a co-founder of

MD Paranormal and has been involved in the paranormal for many years. We’ll learn about

his group, where he has investigated, and learn some of his favorite ghosty stories.


Our guest was supposed to be William Stillman “The Autism Whisperer”, psychic medium and author of the book “The Secret Language of Spirit: Understanding Spirit Communication in Our Everyday Lives.” But, the computer server gave us the blue screen of death. So, now show took place while the IT team went to Defcon 1. Took them all night, but everything is back up and running. We will reschedule William. In the meantime, here is his website:


Yes, we took two weeks off to enjoy Christmas and New Years. We had a guest scheduled, Xaviant Haze, but he was a no-call, no-show. Unprofessional. But, we carried on with paranormal table for 2!


Our guest is JC Knight, physician, college professor, and author of “Ghost Physics – Compelling Evidence for a New Theory”. Hard science providing proof of paranormal phenomena! Don’t miss it.